Most games have a storyline to them, to give it a bit more of depth and to allow the player to engross themselves in what the game is actually about. However, Amedi Mania has a unique storyline.

The Harding MysteryEdit

The Harding Mystery is a tale longer than any legend in Oldbrook, the town which Amedi Mania is set in. The Harding Mystery can be solved by collecting all the scrolls (or "Easter Eggs") and completing the exclusive quest given to you once you have done that. This is not the main storyline though.

The Tale Of OldbrookEdit

Every town has a story to tell and Oldbrook is no exception. Oldbrook is a town which has become overrun with zombies, and the player must clear the different areas of zombies before they take over the town completely. You meet characters along the way who can help you or are in need of help. Complete their quests and they will give you something in return. You can also buy equipment, weapons, health potions etc. Each time you enter a quest which requires you to go to a new area, you will unlock that area so you can visit it afterwards.