Amedi Mania has a range of weapons, armour and vehicles which you can use to complete certain quests, or just use to mess around and explore.

Weapons and ArmourEdit


Weapons, armour and other equipable objects can be purchased from the shops and NPCs around the map. Prices can range from absolutely free to sums of money which are completely out of your reach. All items in the game will be possible to purchase if you have enough money for them, and that amount of money is possible to get.


It's obvious what weapons and armour do, but there are other pieces of equipment which do various things. here is a list of the items and what they do:

  • Health potions - Heal you to some degree depending on the strength of it.
  • Invisibilty potions - For a short period of time you become invisible to everything in the game which could see you otherwise. Useful for fighting hordes of enemies.
  • Food - If low on health, food can regenerate it to some degree depending on what type of food it is. Meat heals more than vegetables, but vegetables are cheaper.


In Amedi Mania, there are many modes of transport for you to use around the map. Of course, walking and sprinting are the easiest to obtain being as you are born with legs, but you can also drive cars, planes, boats and all sorts of things to make you go faster in to places you can't usually go. Here is a list of the modes and a little bit about them:

  • Walking - You travel and the speed of 1. This is the slowest mode of transport.
  • Running / sprinting - You travel at the speed of 2. It is faster, but you want faster than that.
  • Car - You travel at the speed of 5. This is much faster than on foot and can help get to places quicker.
  • Plane - You travel at the speed of 7. Faster than the car, and can fly over walls and water.
  • Boat - You travel at the speed of 3.5. It is the slowest vehicle, but if you can't find a plane then you have to use it to get across water.